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How to Store Sunglasses in Cars (Best Ways)

The weather in the summer is hot and sunny, but sunglasses can be hard to find when you need them in your car. You need to keep a pair of sunglasses so that you never have to search for them again!

But how to store sunglasses in the car without getting them scratched?

We are going to show you some of the best ways to store your sunglasses in the car. There are a few different ways that you can go about storing your sunglasses when driving, but there are also some things to consider before deciding on one method over another.

Here’s what we’ll cover: how to keep your sunglasses from getting ruined while driving. What materials work best for storing your glasses in the car and finally, some of our favorite products for storing sunglasses in cars.

4 Best Ways to Store Your Sunglasses on Car

Here’s the list of the four best ways to store sunglasses in cars. To store sunglasses in the car you can use:

  1. Sun visor clip or case holder.
  2. Air vent clip holder.
  3. Car dashboard sunglass holder.
  4. Car trash can or bag.

Sun Visor Clip or Case Holder

Sun visor clip

Do you have a hard time finding the perfect place to store your sunglasses? Why not use one of these two easy choices for storing and protecting them. One option is to find a clip that will attach to any visor in your car or truck so they are always within reach when needed. The other option is to use a case that is adjustable to your car’s sun visor. Both options make it easier than ever before to protect and keep track of your sunnies!

The sun visor clip or case is the perfect solution for this common problem! It attaches in seconds with just one clip, and holds up to two pairs of sunglasses. Plus it’s made from durable ABS material that stretches for extra protection against scratches.

Air Vent Clip Holder

Air Vent Clip

Ever been in a situation where you’re driving and want to wear sunglasses, but can’t find anywhere to put them? Well, now there’s an easy solution!

The air vent clip sunglass holder is designed to use with any car that has vents in the dashboard. It’s a simple clip that attaches to the air vent in your car so you can put your glasses or sunglasses there and they will be out of the way but still within reach. This clips directly onto those vents so it won’t fall off or get damaged by anything else near it. It holds one pair of sunglasses at a time, and provides maximum convenience while driving with no hassle!

Car Dashboard Sunglass Holder

Car Dashboard Sunglass Holder

Car Dashboard Sunglass Holder is perfect for those who are always losing their sunnies! The holder comes with a strong 3M adhesive glue so that you can attach it firmly onto any surface, and then use the clips to hang up your sunglasses easily. It even has a 180° flipping & 360° rotation system to store sunglasses both vertically and horizontally.

There are many uses for a dashboard sunglass holder, but one of the most popular is to keep your sunglasses in easy reach. Keeping them near will help you to avoid that awful experience of searching for them while driving. Not only will it help prevent accidents, but it will also make driving more enjoyable.

Car Trash Can or Bag

Car Trash Can or Bag

Car trash can sunglass holder is the perfect way to keep your car neat and clean. You can securely store your sunglasses on top of the front console, where they are always readily available for you without any worry of them falling off or getting lost.

This handy little bag can be attached to the backside of the seat of any car so you never have to worry about where your sunnies are again! It holds many pairs of glasses (large pairs) and also some other little accessories that you need while traveling.


It is important to store sunglasses in the car because it can save your eyes from the sun. Protecting your eyes from sunlight and UV rays can decrease the risk of developing a form of cataracts or even cancerous growths on the eye. When you get in your car, grab a sunglass holder and store them there. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting the place of your sunglasses again!

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